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Welcome to the homepage of Port Klang Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Project. The State Government of Selangor and its people is really proud in the inclusion of Port Klang as one of the ICM Demonstration Site in the East Asian Seas Region.

With an area of 7,960 kilometers square with home to 4.6 million people, its strategic location at the heart of Peninsular Malaysia always make Selangor an attraction for various activities. This is further enhanced with the capital city of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Malaysia's Federal Government administrative capital (Putrajaya) are both located in Selangor, although both are of different entity. As a center of transportation network with sprawling highways linking the state as far north to the State of Kedah bordering Thailand and as far south to the state of Johor bordering Singapore, the State also sees two of the main transport gateway in Malaysia lies in its territory. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Port Klang (WestPort, NorthPort and SouthPoint)  is the major gateway to Malaysia by air and water respectively. Coupled with encouraging government policy and incentives and added up with the vast availability of skilled and semi-skilled labor at a reasonable cost has made Selangor a very convenient platform for investors.

In promoting development, the State is never and will never forget about environmental protection. Thus, the environment part is carefully examined and study besides given top priority in the states' agenda of becoming the first developed state in Malaysia by the year 2005. That's why this project is parallel to the state's agenda and fits nicely into our vision and shows one of our commitments towards realizing a sustainable development in the state. The state, towards its greatest extend, will give its full commitment towards the implementation of this project, both in financially and politically.

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