LUAS's Function

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LUAS’s Function

This rule contains eleven parts provide power to LUAS to plan improvements to the traffic system in every way a body of water such as lakes, ground waters and rivers. It is important for the long-term needs for development in the ranks and routes of rivers in Selangor which can be commercialized as an alternative source of transport as well as tourism products and water recreation are expected to generate new revenue for the state government. Therefore, LUAS will oversee every operation of vessels for transport of goods and passengers. For the purpose of quality control and pollution of water bodies every discharge of pollutants shall obtain permission and LUAS may provide waste disposal services on any vessel anchored or tied up in inland waters.

The rules also provide traffic control navigation in inland waters. Where the concept of safe sailing route was created to regulate the activities of way sailing vessel with the speed limit set by LUAS. A navigation system with safety, safety signs buoy, mooring, and safety signal lights will be provided as a guide to all sailing vessels.