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Legislative Unit


Function And Role of Legislative Unit

  • Ensuring LUAS Enactment and its subsidiary laws been enforced accordingly in line with LUAS’s plan and development
  • To draft or verify legal provisions under LUAS’s jurisdiction.
  • Providing appropriate legal advice on the questions of law arising in operational and administrative matters.
  • Supervising and monitoring the preparation of investigation paper for offences under LUAS’s Enacment 1999.
  • Commencing and defending the progress of court casefor or against LUAS.

    • Norfazilah Binti Shaharudin

      Norfazilah Binti Shaharudin

      Pegawai Undang-Undang Gred L44
    • Siti Maryam Binti Kamarudin

      Siti Maryam Binti Kamarudin

      Penolong Pegawai Undang-Undang Gred L29
    • Azimah Binti Ahmad Tarmizi

      Azimah Binti Ahmad Tarmizi

      Penolong Pegawai Undang-Undang Gred L29