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Resource Alteration Activity



LUAS Resources Alteration Activities are subject to Section 43 of LUAS Enactment 1999 which describe the power of the Director over flood zones, river reserves, protection zones, water bodies and coastal waters.

LUAS is an important agency in protecting water resources in the state of Selangor. Hence, it is mandatory for any developer to submit and approve the written applications before starting a project related to water resources. The written application is necessary to emphasize the environmental care of water resources in the state of Selangor.

Lists of the activities as follow: Click here




LUAS role in granting written approval are as follows:

1. Ensure the quality of water is always preserved.

2. Minimize the impact of water pollution resources during construction.

3. Ease the monitoring of developers that carry out the construction work involving water resources.

4. Enforcing the Enactment 1999 of LUAS.

5. Provide awareness to all contributors on their respective roles in water resources conservation.

6. Cultivate responsibility, respect and relish for the importance of preserving the river among developers.


Section 43

43 (1) Save as may be expressly authorised under the provisions of any other law no person shall, after the commencement of this Enactment undertake, without approval in writing of the Director, any resource alteration activity within a flood zone, river reserve or any other buffer or protection zone declared under section 48, or on, in or above a water source unless the activity is of a type which the Director has declared in writing does not require approval.

Section 6

6.(1) Function and power of the Authority-

(n) Grant licence on such conditions as the authority may think fit to any public authority or person to undertake any activity related to water sources and to regulate the licencees and their activities;

6. (2) The authority shall have power to -

(i) regulate the issue of licences and permits upon scuh terms and conditions deemed necessary on entry to or exit from any designated or protected areas, or the carrying on of any resource alteration activity within the limits of any water source and to impose fees payable on issue of such licences or permits;

Section 2: Defination

"resourse alteration activity " means the carrying out of any works or activity which involves or is likely to have the effect of -

a) abstracting, extracting or excavating material from a water source which alters the nature of the bed, banks or shores of the water source;

b) obstructing, diverting or affecting the flow or movement of water in a water source for the purpose an activity or works may, without affecting the generality of the clause, consist of the construction of the bridges, highways, jetties groynes, breakwaters, embankments, walkways, boat ramps, boat moorings, fish racks, fish cultivations ponds and navigation markers on, in or above;

c) changing the original nature of the water source;

d) reducing the capacity of a water source to contain water; or

e) reclaiming land forming part of a water source,

"river reserve" means the river and the landward extent of the flood plain located within a distance of 50 metres of the normal high water mark of the river or such other distance as may be prescribed by the Authority and includes any designated river reserve;

“jetty” means any structure of jetty, mooring, gliding, landing, platform or any other structure extending into a canal or river, sandbar, lake or inland water or similar structure whether fixed or afloat, built or erected, partly or wholly within or above any water body used for loading or unloading of goods, embarking or disembarking of passengers or for mooring of vessels or any other activity


Resource alteration activity

Registration fee = RM150 (one time)

Fi Licence = RM200 (every year)

Yearly charge activity jetty

Description Charge
a) private jetty use for importing and exporting own goods RM0.20 per ton subject to a minimum charge RM1,000 a year
b) jetty used for exporting other goods (excluding metal) RM0.25 per ton subject to a minimum charge RM1,500 a year

c) jetty used for importing and exporting metal

RM0.35 per ton subject to a minimum charge RM2,000 a year
d)jetty used for construction of vessel RM70.00 per vessel subject to a minimum charge RM2,000 a year

e) jetty used for repairing vessel

RM100.00 per vessel subject to a minimum charge RM2,500
f) private jetty used for purpose not covered by (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) above

a) RM2,200.00 a year for jetty used for tourism

bRM600.00 a year for others jetty



Permission Application Guide

1. Registration of new users on the website. Select the Written Approvel System (Sistem Kebenaran Bertulis Aktiviti Pengubahan Sumber, SKAPS). Users can refer to User Manual in the main interface. (The name of the registered company is the name of the licensee, and it is recommended that the developer company be the licensee for non -government projects)

2. Applicants are required to log in to the website after receiving the confirmation email

3. In case of New Application, registration fee of RM150 should be made at LUAS’s office. However, in the case of Late Renewal Application, fine of RM10/day based on days of passed or delayed should be made.

4. Applicants shall submit the required documents as in the Checklist to the LUAS’s office within 7 days.

5. The applicant will receive a notification via email if the information needs to be updated or the application is unconsidered.

6. For applications that have been approved, a Written Approval Fee of RM200 must be submitted to LUAS for the issuance of Written Approval.

*Note: Payment must be made in cash or crossed check in the name of "LEMBAGA URUS AIR SELANGOR". Payment operating hours are as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 8.30 am - 3.30 pm

Friday: 8.30 am - 3.30 pm


Policy Approval Application Guide for Jetty/Platform Construction

1. Application for Construction/Making/Erection/Maintenance/Use of this Jetty must be filled by the operator or operator of any jetty on any river reserve/flood zone/protection zone/buffer zone.

2. Applicants are required to submit an application according to the Jetty/Platform Policy Approval Checklist (U016-L5-005-00). An application form is to represent one jetty.

3. The application will be presented in the Selangor State Jetty Management Committee

4. If the application is considered and passed, the applicant must submit an application for Written Approval for the construction of the jetty. Refer to the Written Permission Application Guide.

5. Approved jetty owners must submit load records every 3 months to LUAS after the jetty is completed. Refer to the Load Monitoring Record Form for Goods Transported Using Jetty (U016-F4-007-00).

6. Approved jetty owners must make payments annually to carry out jetty activities based on the jetty activity charge schedule.



Forms and Checklist

 U016-F4-001-00       : Application form for Resource Alteration Activity Emergency Case

*U016-L5-004-00      : Application Checklist of Emergency Work Resources Change

U016-F4-002-00        : Application form for Resource Alteration Activity for Maintenance Work 

*U016-L5-005-00      : Application Checklist of Maintenance Work Resources Alteration

U016-F4-003-00       : Form for initiates resource alteration activities

U016-F4-004-00       : End Of Resource Alteration Activity Form

U016-F4-005-00        : Measured Plan Submission Form

 U016-F4-006-00       : Application Form for Building/Making/Self-dyes/Maintaining/Using Jetty

*U016-L5-005-00      : Jetty/Platform Policy Approval Checklist

U016-F4-007-00        : Record Form Of Loading of Goods Transported Using Jetty

U016-L5-001(1)-00   : Dredging Activities Checklist

    Activities Involved :

  • River Sand Dredging
  • Sand Mining Dredging
  • Sea Sand Dredging
  • Soil Dredging
  • Mud Dredging
  • Ore Production
  • Desilting Intake Works

U016-L5-001(2)-00    : Crossing Activity Checklist

      Activities Involved :

  • Pipe Installation (riverbed) Water/Utilities/Gas
  • Pipe Installation (riverbed) Air/Utilities/Gas
  • Sewer Installation
  • Sewer Box Installation
  • Construction of Permanent Bridges
  • Construction of Temporary Bridges

U016-L5-001(3)-00    : Checklist of Development Activities                                                                   Activities Involved :

  • Earthworks/Site Preparation
  • Building Construction
  • Road/Highway Construction
  • Railway Construction
  • Drainage Construction
  • Pond Construction

U016-L5-001(4)-00    : Checklist for Upgrading, Maintenance and Refurbishment of Water Resources

     Activities Involved :

  • River Alignment
  • River Diversion
  • Construction of Erosion Fortress
  • River Bank Repair
  • Wave Breaker
  • Flood Mitigation Project
  • Pool Reclamation
  • Coastal Reclamation
  • Intake Construction
  • Dredging of Mud/Sludge
  • Construction, Reconstruction, Renovation or Relocation of Dams
  • Construction, Reconstruction, Renovation or Relocation of Weir
  • Construction, Reconstruction, Renovation or Relocation of  Inlet dan Outlet
  • Construction, Reconstruction, Renovation or Relocation of Log Boom

 U016-L5-001(5)-00    : Checklist for Jetty/Platform Construction Activities

      Activities Involved :

  • Construction of Jettty/Platform

 U016-G2-001-03        : Declaration of Resource Alteration Activities That Do not Require Written Permission

 U016-G2-002-00      : Guidelines on Buffer Area for Resource Alteration Activities