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Navigasi Jalan Air Pedalaman



Inland waterway navigation is a vessel sailing activity that carries goods or passengers in any lake, inland waters, canal or river outside the port area limit. The owner of a vessel is also required to register their vessel with LUAS.


LUAS role in controlling water body through vessel is as follows :

a) To improvement of the traffic system in any inland waterway to prevent vessel collisions;

b)To identify and provide anchorage area for vessels in any inland waterway;

c) To control the transportation of goods and passengers by vessel;

d) To regulate vessel operations and control water source pollution.

e) To generate income for the State.


License Period                  Annual                    
 Fees  Registration Fee RM150.00 (one time)
Vessel Fee RM150.00 (one time)
 License Fee According Classes   Class I – 0-500 ton  RM 500
 Class II – 501-1000 ton  RM 1,000
 Class III – 1001-2000 ton   RM 2,000
 Class IV – 2001-3000 ton  RM 3,000
 Class V – 3001-4000 ton  RM 4,000
 Class IV – 4001-5000 ton  RM 5,000 

Waterway navigation control in Selangor State waterway is monitored based on Section 96 and 97 of the Selangor Water Management Authority Enactment 1999.

The regulations were gazetted on 19 April 2012 and came into force on 20 April 2012.

Press release were made on 10 June 2012 in the Sunday News and New Sunday Times to inform the public on the Regulatory requirements.


1. Application form for vessel licencing and inland waterway navigation registration. Form No : U014-F4-001-00

2. Registration fees for new registration RM150

3. Applicant need to attach a complete document :

   a) A copy of Company Registration Certificate

   b) A copy of Shipment / Vessel Certificate

   c) A copy of Approval Letter from department/agency if reliable

   d) A copy of Approval Letter carrying cargo from

       Marine Department

   e) A copy of Insurance Policy / grace period not less

       than 3 months

   f) A copy of Master driving license

   g) Type of approved vessel to transport goods /