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The Alternative Water Resources Task Force was established on 16 September 2005 to identify ponds, lakes, former mines and also suitable groundwater sources to be developed as alternative water sources for water supply and subsequently formulate the necessary Action Plan for the management of such alternative sources.

The Selangor State Executive Council bill 39/2009 dated 9 December 2009 has approved ponds on land owned by the State Government/State Government subsidiaries as ‘Protection Zones’ under Section 48, LUAS Enactment 1999 for the purpose of alternative water sources.

Following the decrease in water dam levels at the Sungai Selangor Dam and Sungai Tinggi Dam starting February 2014 due to the dry season, the Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS) has taken the initiative to use water resources from former mine ponds to meet water needs at the inlets involved. .

The Board has identified several former mine ponds that have been gazetted as alternative water sources and that have the potential to channel water to the Selangor River. A total of 10 ponds have been identified and pump/pontoon installation work has begun since 25 February 2014 and full operation for pumping pond water to Sungai Selangor began on 13 June 2014.


The objective of the development of alternative water sources is to provide additional water sources from ponds, lakes, former mines and groundwater to overcome the problem of lack of water supply during the dry season or water crisis in the State of Selangor.



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