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LUAS is empowered with legislation and enforcement based on the Selangor Water Management Enactment 1999. Seventeen (17) Main Functions Allocated in Section 6 (1) of the Enactment are: -

  • provide advice to the State Authority as to the policies, methods and measures to be adopted to promote, nurture and facilitate the sustainable development, efficient use and conservation of water sources for public purpose;
  • develop, implement and promote infrastructure projects for multi
    functional purposes;
  • regulate and control inter basin transfer of water within the State;
  • develop and implement guidelines, performance standards, methods and procedures pertaining to the management, utilisation and conservation, of water sources;
  • coordinate multi agency relationships in the State and promote cooperation and coordination for multi functional uses of water sources;
  • adopt and implement policies, plans or projects by the Federal Government as directed by the State Authority;
  • undertake research pertaining to the management, efficient use, development and conservation of water sources and the resources therein;
  • provide training and maintain facilities for training relating to the functions
  • advise the State Authority on the declaration of designated and protected areas and formulate and implement development and management plans for such areas;
  • protect the interest of the State in respect of the development, management, use and conservation of water sources;
  • manage and control the installation, operations and maintenance of places and equipment belonging to the Authority;
  • protect the interest of consumers of water in relation to quantity, quality, and the prices to be charged for water supply;
  • encourage the formation of stakeholder organisations to assist theAuthority in the sustainable development and conservation of water sources;
  • grant licence on such conditions as the Authority may think fit to any public authority or person to undertake any activity related to water sources and to regulate the licensees and their activities;
  • privatise, with the approval of the State Authority, any of its undertaking pursuant to the provisions of this Enactment;
  • investigate any incident, infringement or accident occurring on or in relation to a water source; and
  • to do such other things as it deems fit to enable it to perform its functions effectively or which are incidental to the performance of its for which are incidental to the performance of its functions.

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