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These operating procedures include mitigation proposals to address the water supply crisis due to the shutdown of the main Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Sungai Langat, namely the Cheras WTP, Batu 11 and the Bukit Tampoi WTP during the dry season. WTP shutdown occurred due to increased ammonia parameters in the river. Among the factors that cause this situation is due to the decrease in water level of Sungai Langat due to the lack of rain around the catchment area and cause the rate of dilution to decrease in the river.

Apart from that, the decrease in the water level of Sungai Langat also affected the Sungai Langat WTP where pumping could not be carried out due to the low river level. In this regard, the Sungai Langat Dam needs to release water up to 260 JLH every day to ensure that the level of Sungai Langat is at 38.20 m. This raw water source from Pahang helps to increase the availability of water resources in the Basin to meet the high demand for treated water supply while the Langat 2 WTP facility is completed by 2017.

The Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Distribution Project (PAMPS) includes the transfer of raw water with a capacity of 1890 JLH from Sungai Semantan in Pahang using eight (8) operating pump units and four (4) standby pump units with a capacity of 300 JLH each which is then channeled through a tunnel. with a diameter of 5.2 meters and then channeled directly to the Langat 2 WTP in the State of Selangor.

The distribution of raw water from Sungai Semantan involves twin pipes where each unit with a diameter of 3m along 11.9 km enters a tunnel with a diameter of 5.2 m along 44 km and then enters the Langat 2 WTP through a pipe connection.

However, the expected completion of this PAMPS project is in 2019. Accordingly, the PAMPS Project of 500 JLH is carried out as an initial mitigation of water supply during the dry season. The Federal Government has provided a 1.2 km long 1.8 m diameter pipe that will eventually exit at Sungai Langat.


Prevent WTP shutdown by ensuring that the water source in Sungai Langat is at a level of 38.20 meters and has a low ammonia level as well as complying with the Requirements of the Drinking Water Quality Guidelines for Raw Water by the MOH which does not exceed 1.5 m.

Muka sauk Sungai Semantan

Rajah Skematik Operasi Penyaluran Air Pahang-Selangor

Muka sauk Sungai Semantan

Muka sauk Sungai Semantan

Muka sauk Sungai Semantan

Terowong air PAMPS masuk ke Sungai Langat

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