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The concept of Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) was identified by the DID more than 10 years ago but the implementation of the IRBM concept is relatively slow among government agencies. Therefore, the Prime Minister at that time had directed the establishment of the Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS) in 1999 at the Selangor State level as an institutional model that would play an important role in the integrated management of river basins and water resources management. In the 8MP (2001-2005), the Third Perspective Summary Plan (OPP3) 2001-2010 (approved by Parliament in April 2001) and the National Spatial Plan have incorporated the concept of IRBM into the plan.

The problem of environmental pollution in Malaysia occurs a lot in river basins. There are many rivers that have low levels of water quality and high silt content as a result of heavy metal pollution, toxic waste, agricultural activities and daily activities of the surrounding population. Loss of biodiversity in catchment areas due to pollution and flood disasters in river basins due to land use changes. In addition, the problem of lack of water supply will occur during the dry season. The causes of this problem are very wide and complex. Among the main reasons is because the management of the river basin at this time is broken down according to the jurisdiction of the respective agencies including enforcement powers.

Therefore, integrated river basin management is important to create coordination between agencies in the management of water resources and the environment in the future.

The overall objective of the project is to cover aspects of protection, conservation, and integrated management of river basins in Peninsular Malaysia. Therefore, to achieve these objectives, good coordination between federal and state agencies in providing technical support for the development of models and guidelines for river basin management. The document project is based on a cooperation program between the Government of Malaysia - the Environmental Assistance Program of the Government of Denmark.

The 4 main policies outlined are:

  1. Policy 1-Ensure adequate water
  2. Policy 2-Ensure clean water
  3. Policy 3-Reduce the risk of flooding
  4. Policy 4-Facilities for navigation of inland waterways

There are 17 Strategies and 66 Control Measures for implementation

Implementation period: Short term <2 years

Medium term 2 - 5 years

Long term> 5 years



September 2003- The Need for IRBM in Malaysia

March 2004- The Way Forward

December 2004- Keeping the Firefiles Flashing

December 2006- Kedah Launches A New Model for IRBM

Reports and Studies

  1. Feasibility study of charging schemes for LUAS.Charging for water: the case of Denmark.

  2. Training need analysis for IRBM , draft training plan and outline of IRBM courses.

  3. Development of a GIS for IRBM in Selangor.

  4. Review of the LUAS GIS implementation for IRBM in Selangor.

  5. Environmental Monitoring strategy for IRBM in Selangor.

  6. Notes on environmental issues in pig farming.

  7. Groundwater resources in the Sg. Selangor basin and management recommendations.

  8. The water quality of Sg. Air Hitam and its impact on Sg. Selangor.

  9. Analysis of flow data from Batang Berjuntai and water quality data from Kg. Kuantan.

  10. Animal husbandry waste management in the Sg. Selangor basin.

  11. Environmental assessment of animal husbandry in the Sg. Selangor basin.

  12. Water resources study of the Sg. Selangor basin – Draf.

  13. Water quality study of the Sg. Selangor basin – On-going.

  14. Land-use planning in relation to IRBM in the Sg. Selangor basin - Draf.

  15. Freshwater aquaculture in the Sg. Selangor basin – Draf.

  16. Identification of demonstration projects in Selangor: Summary Report.

  17. Identification of demonstration projects in Selangor: Bukit Sentosa.

  18. Identification of demonstration projects in Selangor: Taman Rawang Jaya Sewerage Treatment Plant.

  19. Wastewater characterization study report for Bukit Sentosa Demonstration Project.



Laporan IRBM Sungai Klang 2016-2021

Ringkasan Eksekutif IRBM Sungai Klang 2016-2021


Laporan IRBM Sungai Langat 2015-2020

Ringkasan Eksekutif IRBM Sungai Langat 2015-2020

Laporan IRBM Sungai Langat 2022-2030


Laporan IRBM Sungai Selangor 2015-2020

Ringkasan Eksekutif IRBM Sungai Selangor 2015-2020

Laporan IRBM Sungai Selangor 2022-2030

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