Diesel Oil Tank Truck Accident On PLUS Highway Southbound Behrang, Perak Cause Sungai Selisik WTP, Selangor Stop Duty

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28 May 2020

The Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS) has received a report on the Sungai Selisik Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Selangor having to stop work at 11.45pm, yesterday (27 May 2020) due to a diesel oil spill incident involving a diesel tanker accident at Kilometer (KM ) 389.5, southbound, North-South Expressway (PLUS) near Behrang, Perak at about 12.30pm (27 May 2020).

The accident involved a collision between a diesel tanker truck and a safety van, causing the truck's diesel tank to burst. The investigation found that the accident had caused a spill of diesel oil waste into the highway area up to Sungai Siah, Perak. In this regard, LUAS has activated the Yellow Code based on the Water Resources Pollution Emergency Manual for a thorough investigation in the affected areas that are at risk of causing the shutdown of the Sungai Selisik WTP at a distance of 2.7 km downstream.

LUAS took swift action by installing oil-booms in the affected flow areas to control the remaining oil flow from flowing into the Bernam River. A thorough investigation and sampling was carried out by LUAS together with AIR Selangor starting at an oil palm plantation area near the scene to the Sungai Kelawar area and then Sungai Bernam.

The Perak DOE has appointed a contractor for the work of extracting the remaining oil waste in the area where the flow is stagnant near the highway. The suction work of the remaining oil residue had to be stopped temporarily around 4.50 am due to the dark area and it was difficult to do the suction and cleaning work. LUAS, DOE Perak and PLUS will monitor and follow up on the work of extracting the remaining oil waste.

During this festive season, the implementation of the Selangor State Water Resources OPS with integrated action and the cooperation of all relevant agencies has monitored and minimized the risk of pollution incidents that could potentially affect the supply of raw water resources and ensure non -stop WTP work.

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