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The Bukit Tampoi Orang Asli Pond is an alternative to address the water supply crisis that occurred due to the shutdown of the Bukit Tampoi Water Treatment Plant (WTP) during the dry season. Among the factors that cause this situation is due to the decrease in river water level due to the absence of rain around the catchment area and cause the rate of dilution to decrease in the river which in turn increases the rate of ammonia concentration.

The ponds to be used are two (2) ponds located in the Bukit Tampoi Orang Asli Gazette area next to Sungai Langat near the Bukit Tampoi WTP. The estimated volume of the pond is 37,500 mᶟ for pond A and 20,000 mᶟ for pond B. The use of Pool A and Pool B as alternative water sources will help in addressing the water crisis, especially during the dry season by lowering the ammonia concentration which is a major factor in WTP shutdown. Bukit Tampoi.


Schematic diagram of the River Water Pumping Operation to the pond and further to the Plant inlet

The purpose of this Bukit Tampoi Pond Water Pumping Operation is as an alternative to prevent WTP shutdown by ensuring that the water source entering the WTP has a low ammonia level and complies with the Raw Water Standard Requirements which does not exceed 1.5 mg/l.


Pengepaman air sungai ke kolam A


There are two (2) pumps in Pool B for pumping work to the plant inlet

There is a culvert between pond A and pond B to channel water from pond A to pond B. Water quality will be tested every two (2) hours by the LUAS Laboratory and Environmental Management Unit to ensure the Bukit Tampoi Orang Asli reservoir contains low ammonia for channeled to the Bukit Tampoi Plant.


Pump pipeline to the inlet of Bukit Tampoi Plant


Water from pool B enters the inlet

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