LUAS Dataset

Selangor Groundwater Management Committee

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Pengarah LUAS


  1. Pengarah JMG atau wakilnya
  2. Pengarah JAS atau wakilnya
  3. Pengarah Jabatan Kesihatan atau wakilnya
  4. Pegawai Daerah atau wakilnya (bagi daerah yang terlibat sahaja)
  5. Yang Di Pertua Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan atau wakilnya (bagi PBT yang terlibat sahaja)




  1. Develop a comprehensive database system so that monitoring or coordination of groundwater activities can be implemented in an integrated manner where the data in each agency will be coordinated for groundwater management, especially in matters of acquisition, monitoring, rehabilitation and control of natural conditions and enforcement.
  2. Implement regulation and enforcement by setting rules, processes and procedures for the approval of groundwater intake applications as well as performing all functions and legal responsibilities and in accordance with the enactments/acts of the agencies involved.
  3. To establish cooperation and coordinate enforcement and monitoring activities with the agencies involved by adopting the enactments/acts of the agencies involved in groundwater management.
  4. Prepare, study and recommend recommendations for the use and distribution of groundwater from the aspect of groundwater supply and demand.

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