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LUAS Background


Selangor Waters Management Authority (SWMA) started from the Cabinet Minister’s order in July 1997 which directed the Agricultural Ministry and thereafter the Selangor State Government to set up an agency responsible in managing river and water sources in an integrated manner under which Selangor River was selected as part of a pilot project modeled from Thames River in United Kingdom as a model.

Therefore, coordination of roles and jurisdictions between state and federal government’s agency were initiated to ensure no overlapping function and responsibility. SWMA has been officially established through the Selangor State Legislative Assembly’s approval on 9th April 1999. This establishment is equipped with the Selangor Waters Management Authority Enactment 1999.

SWMA was launched on 18th of September 1999 by Y.A.B Dato' Seri (Dr) Hj. Abu Hassan Bin Hj. Omar, the then Selangor State’s Chief Minister cum the first chairman of SWMA’s Board of Directors. Ir. Hj. Rahmat bin Hj. Mohd Sharif, the then Deputy Director of state’s Department of Irrigation and Drainage was appointed as the first SWMA’s director on 15th of September 1999. SWMA officially operates on 1st August 2000 with the recruitment of 13 nucleus officers.

SWMA’s Board of Directors is chaired by the State Chief Minister and State Secretary as the Deputy Chairman. SWMA’s director himself is appointed as the secretary. The remaining members of the Board of Directors members consist of State’s Legal Advisor, State’s Financial Officer , 2 State’s Executive Councillor, Director- General of Irrigation and Drainage, along with 5 other people appointed based on their expertise in water resources management.

In general, SWMA is the state’s agency pioneering in water resources management. The Selangor Waters Management Authority Enactment 1999 provides SWMA with legal provisions and enforcement power to carry out its responsibility and functions effectively.

SWMA is responsible to ensure the state's water resources, including river basin, groundwater and surface water, lakes and coastal area is protected. These functions and responsibility are executed through Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) and Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) approaches.

SWMA was reorganizes in 2010 with the creation of new internal units to further strengthen its management and service delivery. 58 new staffs has been recruited started from 1st February 2011. This positive development has injected a fresh energy into SWMA  in order to continuously implement the functions and render excellent services so as to achieves its vision and mission.

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