Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Introduction of IRBM

Integrated River Basin  Management (IRBM)  concept has been discovered  by JPS more than 10 years ago but application of this IRBM concept is a bit slow  among government agencies. Therefore, the then Prime Minister has directed for establishment of Selangor Waters Management Authority (SWMA) in 1999  in Selangor  State as  a model institution  that will be instrumental  in  integrated management  of river basin  and  water resources. This IRBM concept has later been included in RMK-8 (2001-2005), Third Outline Perspective Plan  (OPP3)  2001-2010  (approved  by Parliament in April 2001) and  the National Spatial Plan.

Overall objective of the project includes aspects of protection , conservation, and integrated river basin management  in Peninsular Malaysia. In order to achieve the said objective, good coordination between federal and agencies in providing technical support for model development  and  river basin management guidelines.  The project document is based on the cooperative program between the Government of Malaysia  and Government  Environmental Assistance Programs Denmark.

 Environmental pollution problem in Malaysia  occurrs substantially in river basin. There are many rivers that have low water quality level and high silt content due to pollution of heavy metal,  toxic waste,  agricultural activity and daily household activity.  Loss of biodiversity  in catchment area by reason of pollution and flood disaster occurring in river basin is due to to land use changes. Besides, water supply shortage problem will happen during dry sesaon.   Cause to this problem is very extensive and complex. Among the main causes are river basin management at present is fragmented into jurisdictions of respective agencies, including the enforcement power.

Therefore, integrated river basin management is essential to establish inter-agency coordination in the management of water resources and environmental.

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