Saturday, August 08, 2020

Summary of IRBM

The Project of Integrated River Basin Management for Selangor River is cooperative project between Malaysia  and Denmark which started from October2002 to October 2006.  The project cost is estimated at RM16 million with 50:50 cost-sharing from both governments. The main objective of the project is  sustainable management  of natural resources through :

  1.  Institutional arrangement
  2. Human resource management
  3. Monitoring and development of information system
  4. Awareness programme and information dissemination
  5. Planning and river basin management
  6. Increase in best practice of environmental management

Project implementation involves three (3) key components :

Federal Component (JPS )

It involves  comparison of different IRBM models which are suitable for application.  It also emphasizes on the development of human resources in collaboration with other agencies.

State Component (SWMA)

It focuses on implemention of IRBM activities within the basin of Selangor River, which is the main source of drinking water supply for Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley area. The project operates from SWMA, but all activities implemented involve other agencies and stakeholders.

Kedah State Component (UPEN)

This project will use Kedah River Basin as a model for the IRBM institutional development at the state level.  The catchment area covers two major irrigation dams and water transfer scheme for irrigation purpose from Muda River  through MADA.  At the moment Kedah have no institution responsible for IRBM project but this project will help to explore various options for institutional arrangement to support integrated river basin management.

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