Tuesday, August 04, 2020

IRBM Activities

  1. The 'Visit to Sabah for Exchange of Ideas from Project Group, IRBM for Peninsular Malaysia' at Hyatt Regency, Kota Kinabalu organized by DANIDA (17 -18 November 2002).

  2. Establishment of the Working Group on October 1, 2003, comprising of 7 Working Groups to prepare IRBM Action Plan for Selangor River.  Members of the working group comprise from various government agencies, NGO and stakeholders. The 7 Working Groups are:Study Tour on Water Waste Demonstration Project "around Kuching (17-18 May 2004)

    1. IRBM Working Group
    2. Working Group on Water Quality
    3. Working Group on Water Resource
    4. Sand Mining Working Group
    5. Fisheries Working Group
    6. Working Group on Land-use
    7. Working Group on Animal Husbandry
  3. Technical Visit to Denmark for IRBM project implementation officers from the agencies involved. (7-17 June 2004)

  4. Technical Visit to Denmark for policy makers from the agencies involved. (August 2004)

  5. The proposed implementation of demonstration projects in Selangor River Basin. Two(2) projects have been selected: -

      1.  Imhoff Tank Upgrade Project at Taman Rawang Jaya from 660 PE to 750 PE (Standard A discharge ).
      2. Management of Waste Water from Bukit Sentosa Wet Market, Rawang.
  6. Training Program – Water Quality and Quantity for the management & professional and support staff to provide exposure on the importance of IRBM.  This course is conducted under the Federal Component.

  7. Distribution of fireflies posters in all the State agencies as the Environmental Awareness Programme.

  8. Course on the Use of Bio Indicators for River Water Quality in Hotel Seri Malaysia, Penang (2-3 February 2005)

  9. Working Paper Presentation on 'IRBM Demonstration Project – Selangor Component - Sentosa Market Waste Water' at the Seminar on River Water Quality, Kedah River Basin'Wastewater from Wet Market, Restaurants and Stalls' organized by IRBM Water Quality Committee Kedah River Basin at City Bayview Hotel, Langkawi. (29 March 2005)

  10.  ‘Kedah River Basin Integrated Management - Wworkshop on Policy-Making on Extraction of Sand, Kedah State’, at Heritage Hotel, Cameron Highland organized by Kedah DID (2-3 August 2005)

  11.  Circulation 'Newsletter - IRBM updates' Edition I, II and II.

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