Saturday, August 08, 2020

Disability Access


Portal Selangor Water Management Authority (SWMA) portal provides disability access facilities for disabled persons. It is hoped that this could assist them to navigate this website easily, quickly and effectively.  In addition, provision of this is to fulfill the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 goals towards a user-friendly website for the needs of disabled person.

Among the facilities provided in the SWMA Portal :

1. Visually-Impaired User

For visually impaired users, there is a text reader provided in the portal.  Text reader function is available for content of the “Director's Message”, “Introduction”, “About Us”, “Services”, “News” and various other segments.  Auto-generated voice will provide an alternative to visually-impaired users where they can listen clearly to the presented content.  There are two ways to reach this :

  (a) Links to the text reader :

  • While navigating through this site, you will find an icon at the upper right corner of an article.

  • Click on the icon and a new window will appear. Please wait awhile for the page to load.

  • You can listen to a voice of the text reader once it is generated.

  • Please take note that this is an external application hosted on an external server for free. The waiting time may take longer if there are lengthy texts.  Please take note also, that the words may not be pronounced as perfect it should be and currently it could only pronounce English correctly.


  (b) IE Page Reader:

  • Get IE Page Reader

  • Before you can use this component, you must download MS Speech API. If you use Windows2000, most likely you would have had this component in your system

  • You also need to at least download one Speech Engine.  Speech engine is a male or female "voice", which will read out in English or other languages

  • For further instructions in using this component

2. The Senior Citizen

Text resizer - SWMA Portal also provides different choices of text size.  Font size selection is displayed at the top area of SWMA Portal.  Users may choose larger or smaller text size, whichever convenient.

3. Language Option

There are language options available in SWMA Portal namely Malay and English languages.  Users may select the desired language to read the contents of this Portal. Language selection menu is available at the top right hand corner of SWMA Portal.

4. Background selection

There are a range of backgrounds available for SWMA Portal for user’s convenience.

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