Tuesday, July 14, 2020

LUAS’s Function

LUAS’s Function

All scheduled activities are regulated under this Regulation and shall obtain the license Emission or Discharge of Pollutants. List of scheduled activities is shown in Appendix 'A'.

Licensed premises is not allowed to release the effluent from the premises exceed the standards limit. Standards and parameter limits the activities are in Appendix 'B'.

For premises not covered by the rule is also required to ensure that the effluent discharged does not exceed the standards limit. If found premises fails to comply with the standards limits, LUAS  may issue written notices to the premises for the purpose of cleaning work, mitigation measures and improvements in accordance with the conditions and level of contamination cases in accordance with Section 41 (4), 43 (2) , 96 (4) and 121 (1), Enakmen LUAS 1999.

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