Water Resource Abstraction


Hydrology is a science study on water distribution on earth, physical composition and chemical reaction with other natural material. Hydrological cycle is known as water movement between the earth and the atmosphere.

Through hydrological cycle, it shows how rain becoming a starting point of the existence of water source for human and other life form on earth. The rain will infiltrate into the ground and flow into the river and finally to the sea.

Water Source in Selangor

Selangor state that covers 796,084 hectare receives its water source from four main river that are Selangor River, Langat River, Klang River and Bernam River.

Apart from treated water supply by the State Government through Syarikat Air Bekalan Selangor (SYABAS), water users in Selangor have options to abstract water source direct from the surface water and groundwater which needs approval from Lembaga Urus Air Selangor.

Finding from the JICA Study in 2002, The Sustaianable Groundwater Resources and Environmental Management for The Langat Basin in Malaysia, Langat River Basin have a sustainable yield of 45 MLD for groundwater.

For Klang and Selangor River Basin, each has a sustainable yield of 23.9 MLD and 35.8 MLD for groundwater.


"water source" means any river, river basin, ground water or water body.

"river" means any stream, natural water course or any tributary of a river or any artificial deviation thereof and any instream impoundment thereon;

"water body" means any lake, pond, wetland, coastal waters and other bodies of water natural or artificial and includes any designated water body;

"ground water" means the subsurface water that occurs beneath the water table in soils and geologic formations and includes-

(a) a well, borehole or similar work sunk into underground strata, including any adit or passage constructed in connection with the well, borehole or work for facilitating the collection of water in the well, borehole or work;

(b) any excavation into underground strata where the level of water in the excavation depends wholly or mainly on water entering it from the strata; and

(c) any designated ground water;