Resource Alteration Activity


SWMA is a State statutory body responsible in ensuring water resources, river basin, coastal waters and their are in a preserved and sustainable state so as to support viable development of the state socio-economic.


SWMA Resource Alteration Activity falls under section 43 of SWMA Enactment 1999 that prescribes Director’s power in flood zone, river reserve, protection zone, water body and coastal waters.


SWMA as an agency protect water resources in Selangor state has required that an application for Written Permission is submitted and approved by any developer before a project related to water resources is undertaken. This Written Permission is essential towards protection of environment of a water resource in Selangor State.

The objective of Written Permission is as follows:

1. To ensure river water quality is preserved;
2. To minimise pollution impact on water resources during construction works;
3. To facilitate the Authority in monitoring construction works done by developer which involves water resources;
4. To support Conservation and Beautification Programme for Klang River especially for monitoring and enforcement purposes.
5. To enforce provisions in the Selangor Waters Management Authority Enactment 1999;
6. To instill awareness to stakeholders on their respective role in water resources protection; and
7. To inculcate sense of responsibility, love and respect towards importance of river protection among developers.

Examples of SWMA Resource Alteration Activity :-
1. Bridge construction
2. Jetty construction
3. Underground cable installation
4. Cable-crossing construction above river
5. Pipe-fitting works
6. River diversion
7. River re-alignment
8. Sand excavation (river, sea, mine)
9. Construction of water intake point (headworks)
10. Construction of hydro-electricity plant
11. Highway construction
12. Groyne construction
13. Breakwater construction
14. Sewerage pipefitting works
15. Culvert construction
16. Walkways construction
17. Boat ramps construction
18. Boat-mooring construction
19. Fish-rack assembly
20. Beach reclamation
21. Land reclamation
22.Fish cultivation pond (aquaculture)
23. Construction of navigation markers
24. Building construction
25. Construction, construction, reconstruction, modification or removal of dam
26. Construction, reconstruction, modification or transfer of weir
27. Construction, reconstruction, modification or transfer of inlet and outlet structure
28. Construction, reconstruction, modification or transfer of log boom.